Who is Jeffrey Rogers?

Dear attendees, fans and supporters of BRAND MINDS, we have wonderful news!

Our panel of amazing speakers required an equally amazing host. After an extensive and thorough search, we are hereby delighted to announce that this year’s edition of BRAND MINDS will be hosted by Jeffrey Rogers.



Singular University is a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build a better future for all.

Jeffrey Rogers is the Director of Faculty & Facilitator Development at Singular University.

Since 2017, he has been a top moderator of the Singularity University Executive Program and International Summit.

He also frequently speaks and leads workshops globally on future thinking, creative problem solving & leadership.

Recently he was appointed a guest lecturer and workshop facilitator at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, the Empowerment Summit in Lausanne, and the Stanford d.School.


A social scientist by training, Jeffrey has a knack for future-thinking.

He deeply believes in the transformative potential of emerging technologies as tools to de-risk experimentation, accelerate learning and create change.


Jeffrey believes that better conversations and better collaborative experiences are key to creating better outcomes and a better world.

As a top facilitator at Singularity University, he regularly connects dots, ideas & people for Fortune 500 companies.

It’s wonderful to see Jeffrey speak about interesting topics such as future-thinking, the challenges our world faces today and how to address them.

Why is Jeffrey Rogers the best host for the 2019 edition of BRAND MINDS?

Because his beliefs perfectly reflect the life and work of our speakers.

Here is how:

1. Learn to think exponentially

Jeffrey Rogers states that we are living in an exponential world of accelerating change.

According to Moore’s Law, technological growth doubles every two years since the late 1960s leading to exponential changes which we can see today.


Technology has infused and changed every aspect of our lives. In this world, says Jeffrey, each tomorrow will be radically different than its respective yesterday.

We need to learn to think exponentially as a habit of mind. When we design new tools, we need to think it through. We need to take a step back and picture the consequences of bringing these tools into our world, both intended and unintended. We need to realize that when we design new tools, we are actually designing the tools that will design us.

Yuval Noah Harari is the ultimate representative of exponential thinking. His insights into the future of mankind reveal concepts and ideas such as the hacking of humans, digital dictatorship and life without death.

2. Every challenge is an opportunity

For many of us, our world might feel a lot to deal with, overwhelming at times and difficult to adapt to. This world brings a challenge at the human level, the organizational level and the society level. The solution is not to run away and hide; the solution is to adapt and take every challenge as an opportunity.


Not giving up when life gets hard is Grant Cardone’s life story. Through hard work, constant learning and setting goals, and in a short period of time, he became one of the world’s top sales training expert.

When Guy Kawasaki received the task of growing Apple’s community, he realized it was a challenge. He took it and turned it into an excellent opportunity to influence and inspire the said community thus becoming Apple’s Chief Evangelist.

Why do people behave in a certain way? What are the psychological motivations behind people’s behaviour? These are some of the questions which have set Robert Cialdini on the path to discovering the principles of human behaviour. These principles come together to form Cialdini’s Theory of Influence.

3. Breaking away from linear thinking

In the face of today’s innovations and changes, we have two options: to live forever in bewilderment or learn to think differently. Needless to say, Jeffrey supports the latter.

The first step towards thinking in a new and different way is to break away from linear thinking. In our evolution as a species, linear thinking was the foundation on which humans thrived and evolved.


In this age and era, linear thinking is leading us to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run. We need to look at known issues from a new and fresh perspective.

Dr Brené Brown applied this principle in her work. She looked at leadership through a new and surprising set of lenses: courage, vulnerability and shame. Thanks to her extensive research today’s leaders have improved leadership skills and abilities.

Professor Hitendra Wadhwa has noticed a common problem exhibited by overachievers in the business environment. He too is a supporter of different thinking which allowed him to find the best solution for this particular problem: reconciling business and personal values through personal and pro-social leadership.

We are happy to welcome Jeffrey Rogers into the BRAND MINDS family and we value his contribution to our event as the host of the 2019 edition!

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