• Brandminds 2020

Take Perfect Selfies with This Innovative Device

Imagine the following scenario.

Your team has just acquired a valuable client account and decided to go out and celebrate. There are 15 of you, having fun over drinks on a pub terrace. It’s a special moment for your team and you want to capture the moment. You take out your smartphone but there’s no selfie stick long enough to take this picture. Or a photographer to take the picture from on high. Oh, how you wish there was a way to send your smartphone out in the air and take the picture remotely!

Meet The Selfly.

The Selfly is a smartphone case that turns into a camera drone whenever you need to take a photo or a short video.

Here is the presentation video:

What exactly is The Selfly?

  • A snap-on/snap-off smartphone case;
  • A new concept that allows anyone to take hands-free photos on the go;
  • An autonomous flying camera device;
  • A smartphone case that flies itself and takes photos and video;
  • Controlled by The Selfly app installed in your smartphone;
  • Hands-free, no selfie stick.

Features of The Selfly:

  • Folds to a 10mm phone case;
  • Autonomous hovering;
  • 13mp camera, 1080p/60fps;
  • Wi-Fi control;
  • Android and iOS compatible;
  • Fits iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models;
  • Various flying modes.



image source: selfly.camera

The hallmark benefit of The Selfly is that it becomes one with your smartphone.

Not everyone carries a drone with him or her.

But everyone has a smartphone is his/her pocket.

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