3000 Trees Planted within The BRAND MINDS Forest Project

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3000 Trees Planted within The BRAND MINDS Forest Project

BRAND MINDS planted 3000 trees within The Forest Project. Read the story!

It’s November 17th and the BRAND MINDS team is at Videle together with 150 volunteers taking part in the planting of 3000 trees in collaboration with the MaiMultVerde association.

These trees were donated by BRAND MINDS within The Forest Project as announced at the BRAND MINDS 2018 conference.

We have responsibility to develop sustainability for future generations. Enjoying our planet is our right but taking care of it is our responsibility. We decided to make it our mission. Each year we will plant a tree for every participant who attends our events. One participant to BRAND MINDS equals one tree planted in collaboration with MaiMultVerde Association. BRAND MINDS means responsibility by Uniting The Business World.

The BRAND MINDS Forest Project

I am holding the locust tree sapling in my left hand waiting for Avi to finish digging the hole in the ground. Twenty minutes earlier the project coordinator has given us the instructions on how to plant a locust tree sapling: dig the hole, place the sapling in the middle, fill the hole with soil, stamp down on it, then give the sapling a quick tug to make sure the plant holds firmly in the ground.

15 million trees are cut every year.


To increase efficiency and prevent exhaustion, we work in pairs: one person is digging the holes while the other one places the saplings and fills the holes with soil. I congratulate myself for wearing a thick pair of leather gloves on top of which I have a second pair of special gloves given to us by the MMV team. The soil is hardened and puts up resistance, but no one is disheartened – we all put our backs into it. Once we finish one lot, we go to the next.

It’s in everyone’s power to do something before it’s too late.


It’s very cold but knowing that through our efforts a wonderful forest will grow here is keeping us warm and in high spirits. The music played by our colleague, Alex, also contributes to our good mood.

I look around at the other volunteers working alongside me and I see men and women, some young, others in their 40s. Everyone is smiling, no one is complaining about the cold, no one is giving up the hard work. I’ve never planted a tree before so it’s a new and exciting experience for me. In one of our tea breaks, the project coordinator tells us about their latest reforestation activity he participated in: planting the Scouts’ Forest.

Six hours later he lets us know that all 3000 saplings have been planted. Before heading for the bus, tired but happy, I turn around and take one last look at the planting area. In my mind I can already see the green trees and hear the rustling of leaves.

And I feel proud. I did a good thing today.
We all did.

See the entire photo album on the BRAND MINDS Facebook page.


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