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Make Your Workplace More Accessible To Employees With Autism

According to Autism Europe, there are around 7 million people with autism in the EU.

In order to draw attention to the urgent needs of people with autism around the world, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2 April the World Autism Awareness Day.

Studies have shown that between 76% – 90% of adults with autism are unemployed.

Although autism affects a person’s ability to interact with the people around them, autistic persons display innate abilities and skills. Attention to detail, enjoying repetitive tasks, lack of tolerance for errors, persistence and loyalty are some of these skills. Businesses could employ persons with autism to work on tasks such as software testing, programming and data-entry. Unfortunately, such opportunities for high-quality work have gone to waste due to autistic people’s high rate of unemployment.

The mission of Autism Europe and other organizations is to drive change by creating innovative employment opportunities for people with autism.

MyAccessHub is a platform designed to help businesses make their workplaces more accessible and more inclusive to autistic employees.

myAccessHub was co-founded by Gearoid Kearney and Miriam O’Sullivan.

Mr Kearney developed alvrCloud and is currently working on the 360 VR & Animation Content for the Programme.

Mrs O’Sullivan has over 10 years of experience working with children and adults with autism; she has recently completed her Masters in Autism and Technology.

image: myAccessHub on Facebook.com

The platform’s offer includes the following services:

  • The Virtual Reality Experience immerses employees in scenarios that educate them on how small things within their workplace can have a huge impact on employees who have Autism and other Neurodiversities;
  • The alvrCloud eLearning Platform educates all the employees within a business on the subject of Neurodiversity starting with Autism Awareness & Equality;
  • The Onsite Training programme provides training onsite in Autism Awareness & Equality to the managers within a business.

myAccessHub from alvrCloud on Vimeo.

 The 2018 National Startup Awards

myAccessHub is the Gold winner of the Social/Sustainable category at the 2018 National Startup Awards (Ireland).

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